About Me!

About Me

Whether your thing is a paddock of flowered alpacas,  a short and sweet, or maybe an intimate elopement, this moment should be one of your best memories.  Your wedding day is ideally created by combining your loves, wants and wishes for each other.  You are celebrating and creating an anniversary of the moment you choose another human to be your lifelong favourite.  I create your ceremony from all of the things that you feel have sense and meaning in your life and relationship.  From your own story, we work together to create your own ceremony, and we fill in the gaps with whatever floats your boat, like flowered alpacas, spanish dancing or lyric and song.  While legally we do have to tick a few boxes, there is nothing to say we can’t have fun doing it!

Part of what I love about being a celebrant is sharing your journey from a “you and me” to a “we”. I understand how comforting it is to have someone there to work with you to make sure your special day becomes your best memory. I consider myself a relaxed and laid back Celebrant and you can expect that your experience will be just the same, nonetheless professional.

I love my role as a marriage celebrant. Sometimes, there are tears, while other times, there are laughs. But one thing that is always present is plenty of love and fun. It is my pleasure to be part of every couples journey, whatever that may entail!

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